How to decide the correct gasket style and how to measure a gasket

There are two main categories of gaskets: screw-in style (attached to the door with screws or rivets) and push-in style gaskets (which should fit the track on the door frame). Within these categories there are compression gaskets and magnetic gaskets. Compare thickness (offset), width and magnet width to our product profiles. Don't forget to check the backside of the gasket! Measure the outer dimensions of the gasket (from corner to corner). Determine whether the gasket is 4-sided or 3-sided. Most walk in doors have 3-sided gaskets and a scraper gasket attached at bottom of door. Some gaskets do not have a magnet on the hinge side. If this is the case; note if the door is hinged left or right.



Remember, after installing a new gasket, the door will most likely require alignment in order to close properly and to stay closed. The gasket should touch the door jamb all the way around in order to seal properly.


How to measure offset

The offset of a door is simply the difference between the outside surface of the door and the outside surface of the frame to which the door seals.


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